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Full English localisation!View weather information for 1253 Japanese Mountains and Plateaus (as of 01/2016).Information is tailored for each mountain's height, and weather at each major height/pressure interval is viewable. Furthermore, using our "Condition Index" you can get an idea of the ease of ascent at a glance.Record your journeys in our "Mountain Journal" and keep track of your favourite mountains in "My Mountains".Never forget an essential piece of equipment again with the "Checklist" function.Even when you don't go to a mountain, checking YamaTenki's information can help you to imagine the current condition.
Search for Mountains by : - Name (Romanised name, Hiragana or Kanji)- Area- Height- Map- 20 nearest mountains to your current position (using GPS)
Free Version- Weather Information for 100 of Japan's most famous mountains (Hyakumeizan).- Mark up to 2 of your favourite mountains in "My Mountains".- Create up to 2 entries in "Mountain Journal".
Full Version (subscription)- View weather information for over 1200 points (Current day and next day in 3 hour intervals, weekly as 24 hour intervals).- Unlimited "My Mountains" entries.- Unlimited "Mountain Journal" entries.
YamaTenki subscriptions- 1 month : 240円- 6 months : 720円 (120円 per month)- 1 year : 1200円 (100円 per month)
More features coming soon!